Sunday, July 31, 2011

Me, Eric, Jaylen soon to be one.

I met Eric thru a friend I was writing that was in the Fed system. J wanted me to get a hold of Eric for him and pass along a message and that was the start of a great friendship. At that point Eric was still on this side of the wall, but was not single. He was trying to make things work with his baby momma for the sake of the kids. We did finally get together about a month before he went in. He was set up by his own mother. In hopes to get custody of his son. He is in on a drug charge. One thing I love about him is even tho he did deal he never did any drugs. The Feds took my man and they need to give him back. Well we have had a lot of up's and downs. We had our good days and our bad. But with everything I have learned more about him, who he truly is. He has learned more about me then any man as ever known. I was engaged 2x before Eric, both ended with death. One killed in the line of duty, one I woke up to find him dead on the floor. I was scared to fall in love, scared to open my heart. He has shown me even in the worst of times he is there for me, even if it is not physically. The mental and emotional support he has shown me and given to me. I get scared to tell him things, I don't want him to be mad about things going on. I don't want him to know I don't have the power to say no, to stand on my own. I am strong to stand by my man, defend my love, defend on waiting for him to come home. I can not tell someone no, I will go broke to help someone even when it means I go with out. I make sure my son has all he needs. I hate to see a child go with out food so I will get food for the neighbors. Eric loves me for who I am. For the want to help other people, but he hates that I let them walk all over me. It has got to the point he has said Tell them I said NO that you can not do it. He was like give me their number I will call and tell them to not ask you for a dam thing. I love he is protective of me. My son loves him, asks when Mr. Eric is going to call again, or write again, asks if he can draw pictures for him. He treats my son as his own. Sends him birthday cards and gifts. He refers to my son as "ours". He asked if he could adopt my son. At first I thought about a lot of mixed feelings. My son is the last male in the family with the "family" last name. Then thought Eric has been more of a family then my family, he has done more then anyone has ever done. I would be honored to give my son his last name. I asked Jayen what he would think of that. He said it is all I ever wanted, a husband for you, a dad for me, I even get the brother I always wanted. We are one happy family. If it goes as it is now Eric will come home Dec of 14, but with the new crack law thing, he should get a time cut and could be home next year. Just waiting for Nov. so we can get our time cut. He is my life, the man of my dreams, the reason my heart beats. I love that man. That is me in a nut shell and my love Eric.


At July 31, 2011 at 1:40 PM , Blogger Debbie said...

Christina, what a wonderful story. It sounds as if you have been through much pain! I am sorry for that! I am so glad you have Eric and that he gives you so much Happiness!


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