Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I started thi

I was seeking more than just a comment or a like, or having to had all these people as friends when I really didn't want too. So I began to blog. I blogged about my experiences, everything that it entailed. I wanted to record the goods and the bads, be able to remember it all and share it with my husband and I's future children. Our letters are sacred and I didn't want everyone reading all of them, besides you can get blogs made in books. When I first started this journey just 173 days ago, I felt lost, literally. I live in a tiny town with a total of 3,000 people and didn't know what people would think, who would listen and frankly who would care. So I quickly sought out any kind of support, any. Facebook page, after Facebook page - there were tons and its mostly familiar faces throughout. So as I am blogging away I find myself seeking other women and their blogs, and yet there aren't that many. There are tons of just moms, armed forces wives, but not too many prison wives. In the taboo love we should embrace be proud and besides blogging (writing) can be very therapeutic. I started to encourage other women to blog, to write down their emotions because I was having those same emotions. I want to be able to read it like it was, comment to show her love and know I am not alone in this journey. As it progressed, I wondered why is there chat rooms for everything else?The idea blossomed what if I started a chat room, where this women can encourage each other, help each other, share stories, ideas, carpool rides and more. So here I am: there are over five contributing women on I just added a spot for petitions and this past Saturday there were seven women in our first ever chat Support Session. My goal is to get the support session to be weekly a different host every week with a different topic, same topic whatever topic from kids, sex, letters, keeping the spice, money, love, MWI anything and everything. We are here together.

I can have up to 100 authors to blog. Anyone interested please let me know.

I am looking for hosts, to set up weeks in advance and topic ideas.

We are always adding links to blogs, petitions or maybe even groups. Anything.

I would love to see the chat evolve where women who aren't all friends on Facebook and don't want to sit and comment and like, can just meet there - use it - its for you.

I won't be on this journey for a lot longer, a fraction of what most women will do, but I want to make my mark help in any way possible, see this grow, bust stereotypes and become a real family.


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